Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ovie's A Mamma's Boy Isn't He???

The discussion that has started over A.O.'s curious decision to fire his agent is quickly descending into silliness. (Of course, Darwin's Waiting Room is in full chicken little mode) First of all, it is only speculation that A.O. is replacing Meehan with his mother. Now I'll stipulate that this is a good possibility. I'll also admit to thinking "Eric Lindros" too when I first came across this story in the (Com)Post this morning.

But even if it is the case that A.O. has done away with Don Meehan and is going with his mother, his mother at one point was in charge of the Russian Women's Basketball program and very well could still be. Secondly, unlike the Lindros circus, there is no evidence that his parents have attempted to interfere with their son's career before now. Carl Lindros was a known head case in hockey circles and engineered which teams Eric would play for going back to his days in Juniors. If somebody could dig up similar stories on Tatiana Ovechkin, I would appreciate it because then I will reconsider this move. However, I don't think his mother is a stupid person or a head case like Carl Lindros. Just about every story about A.O. and his background comments on just what a great person Tatiana and Mikhail have raised in A.O. and how they have been a positive influence on him.

Yes, this thing could blow up but until then, all the discussion is just making a mountain out of a molehill. Let's give the woman a chance before we start decrying this move and calling it a mistake if she really is taking over as A.O.'s agent.


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