Monday, October 30, 2006

No More Dog and Pony Shows?

Could the Caps be done with long October road trips? If the Washington International Horse Show leaves D.C. they will be. I'm sure the Caps would like having more games at home to start the season. Though should the NHL keep their schedule format the same, the Caps won't travel any further west than St. Louis next season.

Also, after their win over F$U on Saturday night, the Terps game vs. Miami on November 11th has been optioned. The game will be at Noon on ESPN2, 3:30, or 8 pm on ABC. The other optioned games are Wake Forest-F$U and Cincinnati-West Virginia. Something tells me that Thursday night's West Virginia-Louisville game will go a long way in deciding who gets what slot.

And finally, I had planned to post this on Saturday, but because of the issues I was having with blogger, I was never able to. I was planning on titling the post "Continue To Believe." It takes some time to load.


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