Sunday, April 19, 2009

Game 2 Caps vs. Rangers 4-18-2009 Wrap Up

No we weren't on the ledge, we had fraternal and then family business to take care of today...

The Local Yokels:

(Com)Post: sinking feeling, The Ghosts of Playoffs Past, surprise in goal, getting through. Times: down two, successful debut, zoned in, changes coming, losing gambit, notes.

The Neutral Observers: Recap, still in it. AP Wire.

The Other Side:

MSG. Newsday: 2-0 lead, new player, notes. New York Daily News: blanked, limited. New York Times. New York Post: long live the King, focused.

Final Thoughts:

We're sure you've seen this from Dan Steinberg by now. And if you haven't, take a second before reading on. We remember the four games in question and we have to say, they were some of the most hard fought games we've seen in the playoffs. If you think that coming back from this 2-0 deficit is going to be easy, think again. We guarantee that there are going to be some Maalox moments in order for us to pull this off.

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