Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Caps vs. Senators 1-15-2008 Wrap Up

The Local Yokels:

(Com)Post: swept away, Michael Nylander shoulder surgery, retirement for Olie Kolzig? Times: shorthanded sweep, Nylander done.

The Neutral Observers: AP Wire.

The Other Side:

Ottawa Citizen: Caps sweep, Nylander out. Ottawa Sun: cursed, technological issues.

Final Thoughts:

Ok, just this once we'll dream the impossible dream. IF the Caps were to make the playoffs this season, they would most likely make it as the #8 seed in the East. Ottawa has the #1 seed in the East all but locked up right now. So the Caps would face these Senators in the first round should they make it. How much do you want to bet that is Chris Phillips' #1 nightmare right now?

45 down, 37 to go.



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