Monday, November 19, 2007

Sutherby Traded

With Alexander Semin coming back tonight, the Caps had to make room on the 23 man roster and the odd man out is Brian Sutherby who has been traded to the Anahiem Thug Ducks for a second round pick in 2009.

And so ends Sutherby's run in Washington. A former first round draft pick of the Caps (26th overall in 2000), Sutherby was once touted as a future captain of the team. As a matter of fact, he was given an "A" despite not being close to being a regular player on the team at the beginning of this season.

Sutherby isn't afraid to mix things up so he should fit in well with the Thug Ducks. However, the Thug Ducks are already going to have a nightmare with RFA's this coming offseason and Sutherby only adds to their list of RFA's after this season. That 2009 second rounder Anaheim gave up could be very close to the first round.

So there's a possibility that Sutherby could return in the offseason, but I wouldn't count on it. It makes you wonder though just what is going on that the team can continue to struggle as much as it has but young guys like Sutherby and Steve Eminger can't crack the lineup but John Erskine Bowles and Donald Brashear can.



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