Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Caps vs. Panthers 11-19-2007 Wrap Up

The Local Yokels:

(Com)Post. Times: not enough, Sutherby dealt. Caps.com.

The Neutral Observers:

NHL.com AP Wire.

The Other Side:

Miami Herald: road woes over, Van Ryn goes home.

Final Thoughts:

You want to know how bad things are for us right now? Michael Nylander last night prevented a sure goal for us last night by swiping a puck off the goal line in the first period. And if "uptight" means, "uninspired" then yeah, the Caps were very uptight last night. But the idea that this team doesn't have anything it needs to work on is laughable. Forget our record for a second and look at all the blocked shots and intercepted passes/turnovers in the offensive zone last night. Our offense is too predictable right now and has been that way for over a month and nothing other than rotating players among the first two lines has been done to change that.

20 down, 62 to go.



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