Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yeah, We Really Do Care About Soccer...

The Drudge Report currently has two David Beckahm headlines right now because of the knee injury he suffered last night in the SuperLiga Final. Now read both stories carefully there and tell me if you notice anything odd about them?

Give up?

Neither one bothers to mention that David Beckham's team, the L.A. Glaxay lost the game on penalty kicks. Hades, none of them even bother mentioning the score of the game (1-0 Pachuca) when Beckham left due to injury. Now wouldn't you consider that a pretty important detail to the game? Unless that is you're completely uninterested in the game itself and are more interested in star gazing/stalking.

Injury to Beckham aside, does anybody still want to argue that Beckham is going to raise the profile of soccer in the United States? You'd have to subscribe to the "there's no such thing as bad press" school of thought to even have a chance. But what this underscores is just how fleeting and unserious the new found interest in soccer in the United States really is. The media is more interested in reporting whether or not Beckham plays than how well he does out on the field or if his team wins or loses. That's Pop Culture at work, not serious sports following.

If Beckham is out four-to-six weeks, he would be well-advised to just shut it down for the remainder of the season because let's face it, while his coming to America has been a success for the MLS because of non-refundable ticket purchases, on the field it has been a total flop. Since the MLS has Beckham for four more seasons after this one, they should resist the temptation to rush him back to the field because this has turned into a no-win situation for them.


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