Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Caps Radio Carrier

After well publicized dust up between WTEM and Caps owner Ted Leonsis, the Caps today defied the odds and announced a move to WWWT today for Caps radio broadcasts.

WWWT is currently another one of Ted's favorite targets, the Washington (Com)Post's radio station, WTWP and is the current radio broadcaster of the Washington Nationals. It is a two year deal for the Caps and Bonneville (the parent company of WWWT).

I am old enough to remember when the Caps were on 1500 AM (then WTOP) and word circulated last year that Ted wanted the Caps on WTWP but Bonneville's asking price for air time was too high. I guess with the radio station tanking even further (they're dropping the (Com)Post programming on September 20th) the air time got even cheaper.

The one real curious thing about this is the future of Tony Khornball at the radio station. He's currently on haitus to dumb down ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcasts but he was the only show on WTWP to generate any kind of promising ratings for the station. (The rest of the "NPR on caffeine" programming proved that there is no market for lefty moonbat talk radio.) If you think Steve Czaban has been/is dismissive of the Caps and hockey, he's got nothing on Khornball.

One positive thing to note, the Caps shouldn't be scrubbed from WWWT nearly as much as they were on WTEM due to conflicting programming, but how the situation is worked out in April should the Nats return to WWWT should be interesting to say the least. Bonneville doesn't have the extra space like Clear Channel (parent of WTEM) to make accommodations.

Too bad though we aren't getting rid of Steve Kolbe...



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