Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday Smorgasbord 4-8

  • I never thought I'd be saying Kudos to Billy Packer but I am. Kudos to him though for refusing to yield to the White Knights in their Shining Armor of the Forces of Tolerance. Packer as you may or may not know responded to Charlie Roses' request to be his errand boy at the Final Four in Atlanta by saying "You always fag out on that one for me." Packer of course used the term in its proper form but the fact that it even remotely sounds Un PC, much like the now ten year old "niggardly" controversy, gets the Forces of Tolerance in an uproar. I am no fan of Billy Packer and I hope that should See-BS decide to fire him, they fire him because he is a terrible color-commentator and not because the Forces of Tolerance are ignorant of the English language.
  • As mentioned here before and now confirmed elsewhere, Antonio Logan-El is gone from State Penn. While I will admit that I do not know the full situation I only ask how many players who leave the team for "personal/family reasons" have to have a meeting with the coaching staff before they can return to working out with the team? Trust me when I say that there is more to this story than is being let out right now. However I think it is rather telling that his High School Coach (who played him at left guard despite Logan-El being the biggest player on the team by far) said that he would either be an All-American or he would be bum. Didn't take too long to find out which one.
  • After four international tournament matches, D.C. United dropped a 2-1 decision in Colorado yesterday. Despite the early start on the season, D.C. is still adding players into their lineup and adjusting to a new coach. After last season's fast start which fizzled out badly at the end, maybe a slower start is what the team needs in order to win their fifth MLS Cup.
  • From "The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same" File, RFK Concession Stands still stink. Does anybody honestly believe that the ones in the new ballpark will be better? Especially if they're run by the same people? My personal favorite trick was how they committed the unpardonable sin of running out of beer for the return of baseball in 2005. Though what was very troubling to me was the importing of the RFK workers to the Phone Booth for yesterday's hockey game. The game yesterday was sold out and most of the stands were not ready when the gates opened one hour before faceoff. The lines were long and I was (incorrectly) told that I couldn't redeem my designated driver coupon for a free soda at one stand. As upset as people are about the state of the hockey team and potential ticket price increases, poor service will not go over any better.
  • As you saw in the Wrap Up below, the Caps have already begun to promote their upcoming uniform and color change in what has to be one of the worst kept secrets. A return to the Red, White, and Blue is nice but can we please do without all of the theatrics? With the current mood of the Caps fanbase, about the only way you are going to generate excitement right now is with some serious personnel upgrades. While I know it does not mean very much, I don't know of anybody whose support for the Caps hinges upon them coming up with new uniforms.
  • And since I'm complaining about the Caps right now, a renewal package for next season would be nice. I have no plans to cancel my season tickets but I would like to know just how much I have to pay and what the Power Pay payment is going to be so I can account for it in my budgeting. On this one I know I am not alone.
  • After just one week, the Nats are living up to expectations and upholding the fine tradition of Washington Baseball. The Nats are one of four NL teams with just one win, but the only team in MLB with six losses. At this rate, the Nats will be officially eliminated from all playoff contention by August. While the starting pitching is as bad as advertised, what is very troubling is the inability to get the big hit when they need it. Furthermore, the Nats have yet to hold a lead this season as their lone win was a walk off in the bottom of the ninth.
  • Maybe the road will be kinder to the Nats than RFK was. After having tomorrow off to travel, the Nats are in Atlanta for a three game series with the Braves before heading to New York to face the Mets over next weekend. D.C. United takes over RFK Stadium for their MLS Home Opener against the Kansas City Wizards.
  • As always folks, please send all questions, comments, criticisms, suggestions, corrections, and Easter Bunny sightings to "capsnut" over at gmail dot com.



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