Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thanks Abe!

Tax Hike gets initial approval.

When I first mentioned this I wasn't happy about it then and I am certainly not going to be happy about it now. Odds are that Ted Leonsis is going to pass this onto us Caps fans. (Why else would the renewals for next year have not gone out yet?) That's a bad thing because it will lead to an increase in ticket prices for the Caps. If you think the Caps fans are angry now, wait until they see a ticket price hike.

But instead of directing our anger at Ted for raising prices, let's lay the blame at the feet of the people who are responsible. Dishonest Abe and the D.C. City Council should figure out some other way to renovate the Phone Booth. I find it particularly appalling that a city that makes a big deal over their "Taxation Without Representation" status (which is a load because they receive more Federal tax dollars than they put in not to mention the fact that they can't read the Constitution) FLAT OUT ADMITS that they are levying a tax on people who don't live in the city.

Now before some smart aleck says "Well Caps Nut, what about the new baseball stadium?" Good question. There was a clamoring for getting a baseball team back in Washington, D.C. from non-residents of the city. The ticket and merchandise tax is going to pay for the ENTIRE stadium that baseball fans will use. However, this ticket tax increase for the Phone Booth will mostly benefit the patrons of the luxury suites. Suites that I myself and the rest of the Joe Peon crowd will hardly, if ever, use. The only "upgrade" for the Joe Peon crowd is a new scoreboard. Well, whoop-dee-freakin-doo! If Dishonest Abe hadn't bought such a cheap system in the first place, he wouldn't be in such a need to replace it. Furthermore, considering his history, the new scoreboard will be just as cheap and will be on the fritz as much as the current one is.

But the worst part of this is the pipe dream aspect. The idea that the NCAA will send the Men's Final Four to Washington, D.C. if these renovations are done is a flat out bill of goods. The NCAA will only consider putting the Men's Final Four in domed facilities. If Washington wants to host a Final Four, they'll have to build a domed stadium. And considering that Snyder isn't interested in moving the Redskins out of Landover, building a dome stadium in D.C. would be the biggest boondoggle of all-time.

While this increase is now a forgone conclusion, I do encourage everybody who is appalled by the rank hypocrisy to Contact Jack Evans and just tell him "NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION" with regards to the Phone Booth.


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