Tuesday, March 20, 2007

He's So Cute When He's Angry

Regular and longtime Caps beat writer Dave Fay of the Washington Times returned with an article today blasting the Caps for their lack of improvement. It should be noted that when Dave left the Caps beat due to illness about two and half months ago, the Caps were in serious contention for a playoff spot. Now while the Caps are not going to improve very much on last year's 29 wins and 70 points, the fact that this team spent a good part of the season contending for a playoff spot does show improvement. In the two seasons prior to this one, the closest the Caps got to a playoff spot was when they were tied at 0-0 with everybody else in the league at the start of the season. At least this year, people got to dream about a playoff run.

Now I am not going to bother with a takedown on Dave Fay because JP does a very good job of that himself. But I will point out the old curmudgeon has offered his bad advice before. Thankfully, for a number of reasons, the Caps passed on putting Michael Peca in a Caps jersey. But the idea of Peca's leadership leading the Caps into the playoffs this season is downright comical, especially after Captain Chris Clark's puck in the mouth trick earlier this season.

The only thing an article like this does is get the Chicken Little's in Darwin's Waiting Room spun up over baseless rumors and e-mailing Ted "I told you so, I told you so!" (BTW, I like the idea of boycotting a game, we've already had one "protest" fizzle out this season and even if these guys were successful in getting the word out and getting people to cooperate, who could tell that fans were boycotting a game?) But does it offer a serious look at the problems on this team? I highly doubt that for no other reason than Fay failed to identify a single problem that wasn't already well known. There's enough turmoil around the team and the fan base right now, there's no need to further fan those flames.

Finally, Ty Conklin an upgrade over Martin Biron??????? Oooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkk........


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