Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Caps @ Leafs 3-6-2007 Post-Mortem

It's the busy time of year at my office job so this Battle Damage Assessment will be abbreviated.

  • You have to wonder sometimes about what kind of luck this team is cursed with right now. A bad bounce on a rebound and the Caps fall behind 1-0 despite playing some very solid hockey.
  • As the game wore on, the Caps were unable to get the puck out of their own zone once again. I don't think I've seen a Capitals team worse at passing the puck than this one.
  • A.O. and Alexander Semin were buzzing around all over the place tonight and had just about everything going except for the finish and of course support. Showing exactly why we need than just these guys.
  • While it is great that Joe Beninati is able to get work doing National TV broadcasts even if it is on Versus, that leaves the awful Al Koken calling the game for the fans in D.C. Can we please find somebody better than him to fill in?

Tonight was once again a clear case of the Caps playing well but just not getting the bounces/results they were looking for. While Koken spent a good amount of time praising the Caps for their effort and telling us over and over that the team's attitude and psyche are where they should be, you have to wonder if it is really true. Either way it isn't good because if the team is "ok" with losing then there's a problem and if Koken is lying, then why? However the silver lining in this that more losses like this will give us another much needed Top 5 draft pick.



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