Monday, January 22, 2007

Was It T.O.? Jerry? Both? Somebody Else?

Parcells retires (again).

That's a rather rough AP report. Openly lumping Parcells with Gailey and Campo? OUCH! I thought Parcells was the savior of the Cowboys and could do no wrong?

Here's the real question though, considering that he hasn't won a Super Bowl since 1991 and hasn't been to one since 1997. Has his 34-32 record and no playoff wins in two tries in Dallas "tarnish" his reputation and cost him a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

It occurred to me as I was watching some of the Bears-Saints game yesterday that the Fox announcers, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, had openly wondered during Dallas' Thanksgiving day game just how in the world the Chicago defense would be able to stop the Cowboys' juggernaut offense.

Maybe, just maybe, Bill Parcells isn't as good of a football coach as some have made him out to be. But considering that with the exception of his time in New England, Parcells has done nothing but coach teams that are the media darlings of the NFL. That alone will get him into Canton. Oh and his former beat writer for the Jints.


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