Thursday, January 25, 2007

Say What?

Normally, I would stay out of a smackdown between two other bloggers, but a gem surfaced that is too good for me to pass up.

The Venerable Off Wing Opinion issued the challenge, and Tom Benjamin responded. The Venerable Off Wing Opinion has a rebuttal but I feel the need to jump in on his side because of this gem from Mr. Benjamin (emphasis added):

It is time for the Canadian teams to seize the day and to separate. To secede. To fire on Fort Sumter. To stop subsidizing the American market.



Ok, I'll grant you that Toronto basically prints Canadian Dollars (for what they're worth) and Montreal is on rather solid financial footing but the other four Canadian teams (especially Edmonton and Calgary) have been struggling with their revenues for years. As a matter of fact, w/o a salary cap being implemented, Edmonton and Calgary were in serious danger of relocation or folding. The NHL was sending $$$$$ to the Canadian franchises when they were getting killed by the exchange rate and that $$$$$ was coming from the American clubs. Furthermore we continually hear about how the league is trying to stabilize the financial health of its Canadian franchises.

Are there American clubs in trouble? You bet. Are there some American markets not yet sold on the game? Without a doubt. Should the NHL drop 2-4 teams? I'm all for it. But let's go forward rooted in reality and not fantasy land.


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