Saturday, January 13, 2007

Caps @ Panthers 1-13-2007 Post-Mortem

Not a whole lot to say about this stinker...
  • This morning I questioned whether or not the offense would continue to produce, well, 17 shots on goal is a clear indication that they didn't.
  • Olie Kolzig played well I thought but suffered badly from the snowball effect. Certainly not his greatest effort but he was hung out to dry waaay too much tonight.
  • I feel a little bad singling out one specific player, but Lawrence Nycholat got exposed tonight. Too bad we now have to clear him through waivers to get him back to Hershey, but since hitting the 10 game mark, it looks to me like he's been regressing.

You can tell when the Caps are going to produce a stinker like tonight's. When they don't establish a forecheck and seem adverse from hitting people (especially on the forecheck) you know it is going to be a long night. It seems to me like the Caps have been enjoying the Florida sun a little too much. Well, a trip to Ottawa should cure them of that.



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