Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Funny How These Things Work...

First of all, thanks to John Derbyshire in The Corner for the tip off to this local lunacy. But I think Derb let's this guy off light by a simple tar and feathering. He should be drug out into the street and shot. If Dan Hinkle wanted his son to play nothing but defense, then Mr. Hinkle should have coached the team himself.

And let me also interject some personal experience here as well. The coaches moved Scott from defense to offense to play guard. I played youth football growing up. If the coaches stuck him in at an offensive linemen's position (which is what I played growing up), then the kid isn't a skill player. Scott is going to go to high school and run into the boys who couldn't make weight for youth football and will find himself sitting on the bench if he even makes the team. I know because it happened to me.

One can only wonder what Daddy Dearest would do when that happens...

But anyway, back to my point. This is the this stuff that surfaces when you have a parent who is overly involved with their child's life. There are all sorts of stories out there of megalomaniacal parents seeking to control every aspect of their child's existence and this story is simply par for the course. If somebody could dig up similar stories about the parents of A.O.'s parents. I'll reconsider my position.


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