Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Smorgasbord 10-22

  • Let's start off with the good news first, yesterday the Terps put two ACC wins together by beating N.C. State 26-20. The Terps are still having problems closing out wins but yesterday the problem was on the offensive side of the ball as the defense stood up when they needed to in order to get the win. At 5-2, the Terps are now one win away from bowl eligibility but may need two wins to ensure a bowl bid. Turnovers were a huge key yesterday as Maryland's two touchdown drives were a combined 55 yards.
  • In other good news from yesterday, D.C. United got their playoff run off to a good start with a 1-0 win over the New York Red Bulls yesterday in the Joisey swamps. D.C. now only needs a tie in the return bout next week at home to advance. The ESPN2 commentators today mentioned how D.C. "returned to form" yesterday as the playoffs started. This is good news because D.C. cannot afford anymore losses. For better insight than I can offer, check out the guys over at The DCenters.
  • Martin Brodeur flatly admits that he complained about A.O.'s RoboCop visor. Marty says that the fans need to be able to see the players' faces. I agree Marty. How about since you feel that A.O. gets a "competitive advantage" from his RoboCop visor that you take off your mask too. After all Marty, one could argue that it gives you a "competitive advantage" plus you're a superstar Marty. The fans want to see your face. I think even Melanie would like to see you play without your mask.
  • There's no more avoiding it for me, the Redskins lost to the Colts 36-22. Now at 2-5, the biggest question for the Redskins is when does Jason Campbell replace Mark Brunell at quarterback? Though I should caution all fans calling for this change at quarterback, it will do nothing to help a defense that is giving up yards in big bunches. The odds of Campbell coming in a leading the team into the playoffs are slim at best. I would consider a quarterback change at this point in time an admission from Joe Gibbs that this season is lost. So, I don't expect that anytime soon, especially with two NFC East games coming up.
  • Getting back to the good stuff, as promised earlier today, here's a link where Flyers owner Ed Snider says the old Flyers will return. If the Broad Street Bullies are coming back, I'm glad that the Caps will only have to face them four times instead of eight. The NHL needs to move away from this mindset if they ever want to grow the game and the Flyers won't become a better hockey team either.
  • Though one other piece of "bad news," the Maryland Men's Basketball team was picked to finish seventh by the ACC Media. I don't think the Terps have ever been picked first by these guys. While I don't believe that Maryland should be first, I think the ACC Media will be eating a lot of crow over picking Virginia Tech to finish ahead of the Terps.
  • And finally this week, the Caps clear out the Phone Booth for the Horse Show and get on their horses and head out west. The schedule picks up considerably as they will play 4 games in six days starting on Wednesday night in Colorado against the Avalanche at 9 pm. The Caps then head to Vancouver to face the Canucks on Friday night for a 10 pm faceoff. The Caps then move on to Edmonton to face the Oilers on Saturday night at 10 pm for the second game of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada doubleheader. The Terps will host F$U on Saturday night at Chevy Chase Bank Field at Byrd Stadium kicking off at 7 pm on ESPN2. D.C. United looks end the New York Red Bulls season on Sunday at RFK Stadium kicking off at 6 pm. Don't worry about any conflicts with the Redskins, they have the bye week to lick their wounds.
  • As always please send all comments, questions, criticisms, suggestions, and "joe mamma" jokes to "capsnut" over at gmail dot com. I think you know the drill by now.



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