Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Fawning Has Begun...

You might have heard about some guy named Evgeni Malkin making his long awaited, much anticipated, and much ballyhooed NHL debut last night.

Well, he scored a goal but his team still lost. His other shot broke the cheap pane of glass behind the goal which "should be added to his resume." Oooooookkkkkaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy..... The NHL will be naming him their Rookie of the Month for Ocotber in just under two weeks as long as he continues to avoid teammate John LeClair.

I'd hate to break to the NHL and all the fawning media types that cover the league, but the two Alexanders in Washington, you know who I'm talking about, have more combined points than Secondary Syd and the Defector. Hades, the Alexander nobody bothered to mention this season is leading the team (and Secondary Syd) in scoring and is tied for 8th overall in NHL scoring.

Last year the Calder Trophy went to the player with the most points at the end of the season, while the other Alexander is not eligible for the award this year (he played too many games in his first season here), I'd be willing to wager that our "dynamic duo" ends up with more points than Pittsburgh's does.

But does anybody want to wager which one will get more hype? Which reminds me, I have to excuse myself because I need to clean up the vomit after just watching Mullet Melrose on ESPNguin.


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