Friday, September 15, 2006

Season Previews Part I

Our first contest to get fisked for their preview of the upcoming Washington Capitals 2006-2007 season is Robert Picarello of Fox Sports:

Bob has some interesting things to say about the Caps. He says that Captain Chris Clark is somebody to watch on the team. What, see if he can build on his career year last year? I think the players to watch for this year are Richard Zednik and Alexander Semin. They are the ones more likely to take pressure off of A.O. than Clark is.

But the upshot is, the Caps will be worse this year than they were last year. Bob says that the Caps will not only bring up the rear in the Southeast, but they will also finish last in the Eastern Conference. While I don't think that this team has enough to make the playoffs, they need a lot of things to go wrong for them to finish worse than last year.

EDIT:Contestant #2 for today comes as from no name has been attached.

Here you get a rather basic rundown. They take a pot shot at Olaf Kolzig. Has Olie's game slipped? I think so, but some of his problems last year weren't exactly all his fault. Somehow though, I don't think the blueline will miss Mathieu Biron very much. I'm a bit miffed that everybody seems to gloss over the return of Zednik and Semin. While these guys aren't Hall of Famers, they aren't chopped liver either. They posses enough talent to take pressure off of A.O. when they are on their games.


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