Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh and BTW...

A.O. is back in town.

Other good news is that the Prodigal Son is also in town. So no more ugly suspensions and arguing over just what qualifies as "military service." Maybe the RSL isn't playing as hard a ball as some thought?

Ben "What A" Clymer will start the season on the blueline. Begging the question, why didn't we do that last year? It's not like we couldn't have used the help back there.

From the petty complaint department, my season ticket package finally arrived yesterday. Last year the Caps had a good idea poorly executed where they asked fans to send in their pictures to be used on the tickets. The Caps printed out a bunch of the pictures, arranged them on a table, and then took a photo of the photos on the table. I sent in 24 pictures and not a single one of them was used (but I'm not bitter...). This year's design is an unimaginative "3-D computer graphic" design. We're treated to "grid outlines" of hockey sticks, pants, shoulder pads, helmets, visors, knee pads, and elbow pads this year. To be fair, there are also similar outlines of A.O., Olie Kolzig, Glen Hanlon, and Ted Leonsis. Last year was an attempt to reach out to the fans that were put off by the lockout. I can only guess that this year's design is due to the proposed uniform and logo changes that were delayed another year.

And speaking of logo changes, the much maligned, "Buffa Slug" was not used for our games vs. the Sabres. Take it for what it is worth...

Oh and if anybody really cares, after holding a training camp long beauty pageant last year, a player will be cursed by becoming the 13th Captain in Capitals history later today. Training camp officially opens tomorrow.


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