Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Please Come In Off The Ledge.

Well, as you undoubtedly know by now, the Redskins lost last night.

And of course, the town is in a full panic. Listening to Dan's new Redskins station on the radio this morning on the way into work (I had been listening to the game on the radio coming home from class last night) there was a caller complaining about "bad clock management" at the end of the first half. He wanted to fire Gibbs because Gibbs "had left too much time on the clock" at the end of the first half which allowed the Vikings to get a field goal. Please.........

Because of my class, I only got to see most of the fourth quarter despite my professor's better efforts to get us out early (10 minutes to be exact). When they had to, the Redskins did a decent job of moving the football. How many times recent years with little time on the clock have the Redskins not even been able to complete a pass lettalone get a first down?

I was worried though that clearly needing a turnover, the Redskins defense didn't do anything to try to punch the ball out. No turnovers for the defense. You need those to win.

And one final thing, while this is certainly not the reason why the Redskins lost, I would like it explained to me just how Sean Taylor could get flagged for a personal foul for hitting a covered receiver who was in the air along the sideline with his helmet to the receiver’s shoulder, but the Vikings don't get flagged for a shoulder to the back of an uncovered Redskins receiver's helmet along sideline as he is coming down? If what Taylor did is a penalty, then what the Viking did (sorry, I don't have the name) is also a penalty.

Referees set standards when they make their calls and nothing drives me crazier than when those standards are wildly inconsistent. I'm not pinning this loss on the officiating, but after last year's debacle in the Super Bowl, the NFL has a real problem on their hands with their officials.


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