Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Islanders Do It Again.

After anchoring themselves with a 10 year $88.9 million contract (before the rollback) in 2001 for noted underachiever Alexi Yashin, the New York Islanders have done it again by signing soon to be 25 year old goaltender Rick DiPietro to a 15 year $67.5 million contract. I hope this thing contains some kind of out clause for both the Islanders and DiPietro, because there is no way that contract is ever leaving Long Island (unless of course, the Islanders relocate).

You really have to question the sanity of the franchise that thinks that $4.5 million will be a good price for a 40 year old goaltender. I'm also curious if the hockey media will still bash the Caps and owner Ted Leonsis for the 8 year $88 million dollar contract that they gave to Jagr in 2001? Jagr at least had the track record to justify the contract. Yashin has never lived up to his billing and has been just as big a locker room poison as Jagr over a shorter career.

Now the Islanders have two players that they can't get off their roster. The Caps were at least able to move Jagr before the lockout.

In other Islander news, they've also signed Victor Kozlov. The only reason to mention this bit of news is because our old friend Rumor Boy (who I won't even bother linking to anymore) kept say that the Caps were highly interested in him, along with about every other available free agent from Russia including the retired Pavel Bure...


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