Thursday, September 07, 2006

Caps to Bondra

Thanks, but no thanks.

And might I say good choice McPhee. #1. We've got a ton of young players who need a chance to prove what they can or cannot do at the NHL level. Bringing in 38 year old retreads that are looking for nothing more than personal records and accolades doesn’t exactly fit in with the team we're trying to build here. #2. Bondra had his chance for his swan song here in Washington last season. He had the chance to take the peace offering and spat on it. He took less $$$$$ after begging another team (in our own division BTW) for a roster spot believing that they had a chance at the Cup last year.

What this means is that the Bondra saga is finally over. At least for me it is. While I am certain that Darwin's waiting room won't ever let this die, Bondra's long awaited return to the Caps just will not happen. It is time for both sides to move on.

Those fans who insist on punishing the Caps for this are only punishing themselves because A.O. has outclassed Bondra on every level in just one year.


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