Thursday, August 24, 2006

Only 2,000 Seats?

More details on the Byrd Expansion from the (Com)Post, the Times, and the Sun.

Head Coach Ralph Friedgen had talked about upping capacity to around the 70,000 mark so I'm surprised that the capacity is only being goosed by 2-3 thousand. This does however alleviate potential problems with parking, traffic, and in the short term, simply selling those additional seats. This also prevents a mass re-seating of the stadium from being done.

Of course, selling the naming rights to a bank is always a dicey proposition, just ask the people in Philadelphia. (How many names has that arena had?) Let's just hope that Chevy Chase Bank doesn't get bought out or decide to merge with another bank over the next 25 years. We already went through that when they sold the naming rights to the basketball court at Cole.


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