Friday, August 18, 2006

Malkin Speaks has an exclusive interview and registration might be required to view the video of the interview.

But expect to be underwhelmed, a two year-old could come up with harder questions than what you'll hear in this interview. Like most of what we've heard so far, there's contradicting information. As I said earlier today, ESPN's Scott Burnside called into question Malkin's trustworthiness and that Malkin's father played a part in strong-arming the kid back into signing the 3 am contract.

All of that is fine and dandy but now Malkin claims that he was worried about what might have happened to his parents. So aside from the contradiction, (why would he be worried about his parents when they are one of the parties applying pressure?) Malkin never really says what threat his parents may or may not be under. He also seems unconcerned about what might happen to his parents now that he's gone on the lam.

The comical part comes from Slava Malamud, a Sports Express Daily reporter, who says that you really don't need to physically beat down a 20 year old or threaten him with guns to get him to do your will. All you need to do is to get "millionaire businessmen" to get the kid, who doesn't know very much, to do what you want. That might be news to some people who deal with 20 year olds, like college coaches do, on a daily basis. Malkin also never tells us what psychological games were played with him.

The force of this kid's character, or complete lack thereof, is starting to shine through. Imagine if the Penguins take him into arbitration down the road? That could be a doozy. Some clowns are saying the Pens could trade him. Take that with a full grain or two of salt, but on the off chance Malkin ends up in a real hockey-mad town, he'll really feel psychological pressure then.

And we all know now what Malkin does when the heat is applied.


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