Friday, August 18, 2006

Caps Announce Training Camp Schedule

T-minus 27 days and counting...

We're getting closer to having something else to talk about hockey-wise that isn't Malkin related, but that day is far from here. Nope, the Caps will be living a Nomadic life during training camp, wandering from Ashburn to Hershey and back to Ashburn, waiting for their new facility in Ballston to open up. So if you're the type bored enough to watch practice, (or are either a puckbunny and/or a stalker) you now know where and when to go.

And in your obligatory Malkin link of the day Scott Burnside says not to trust Malkin. We also learn that his father was also major player behind this whole sordid affair. (Can anybody say Carl Lindros?) If I were you Penguin fans, I wouldn't get my hopes up with this guy. It sounds to me like he is going to be more trouble than he's worth


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