Sunday, April 25, 2010

Round I Daily Report 4-25-2010

The Local Yokels:


The Neutral Observers:

AP Wire: powerlesshe's a hockey player.  Canadian Press: calmer approach, stop the streaking.

Open Source Intelligence:

Montreal Gazette: doing the job, tough

Today's Spin:

First of all, we hope that Bruce Boudreau goes against his own grain and benches Tomas Fleischmann as he really should.  Fleischmann, like Alexander "Slappy" Semin, should be having a much better series than he is against a soft Montreal team.  But unlike Slappy, Fleischmann isn't showing any signs of life and needs to sit.  However, we wouldn't be surprised if Eric Fehr gets yanked instead.  We know Fehr would have been demoted to South Carolina by now if he had been playing like Fleischmann has.

Finally, we finally found our oringinal post from where we first linked to an article from about teams getting too much rest after the first round.  Had the Caps won on Friday night, the would have had about six-seven days off before the start of the Round II on April 30th-May 1st.  Philly will have at least the magic number of seven days off, maybe eight if we don't start until Saturday night regardless.  However, because the Caps have to play tomorrow, the numbers now work in our favor.  We understand what Bruce is talking about in having short series along the way but you have a short series in the second, third, or fourth rounds too; it doesn't have to be in the first round.  And don't take this to mean that we want this series to go seven games, we want it to end tomorrow night.  We just don't think it is such a bad thing that we have to go six games because Boston and Vancouver had short first round series last year and both crashed out in the second.



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