Saturday, January 16, 2010

Caps vs. Maple Thug Leafs 1-15-2010 Wrap Up

The Local Yokels:


The Neutral Observers:  AP Wire.

The Other Side:

Toronto Globe and Mail: Thug Leafs crushed, another day, another five points.  Toronto Star:  run over, stats and stars.  Toronto Sun: burned Thug Leafs, switch on, Thug Leafs Replay, Thug Leafs ReportThug

Final Thoughts:

Per Tarik from the (Com)Post no automatic suspension for Jason Chimera which once again makes us wonder why the NHL even bothers from time-to-time.  While we didn't see what Jay Rosehill did to John Carlson we once again wonder, would Rosehill have taken that run at Carlson had he not been looking to start a fight?  Furthermore, we should note that Rosehill compounded the whole thing with two violations of "The"  First, he landed punches on Chimera well after Chimera had fallen to the ice and the linesmen had intervened.  Secondly, he then tossed his helmet at Chimera as he was being lead away.  We fully expect the other NHL players to police the game as they so often do and "send a message" to Rosehill that his violations of "The" will not be tolerated...

47 down, 35 to go.



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