Thursday, November 26, 2009

Caps vs. Buffalsugs 11-25-2009 Wrap Up

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Final Thoughts:

Even after having a chance to review the replay of A.O.'s hit on Patrick Kaleta; we still think it warranted a five minute major and game misconduct penalty.  The angles on the replay clearly show it was more charging than boarding but the facial injuries to Kaleta remain the same.  And with the NHL looking to crackdown on these kinds of hits, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there was an ejection.  It looks like there won't be a suspension, but this is the Washington Capitals were talking about here.  Remember, Donald Brashear had the book thrown at him back in April and that was the last suspension handed down in the Stanley Cup Playoffs last spring.  So A.O. could end up missing a game or two or three.  Finally, we're a little surprised that Buffaslugs Head Coach Lindy Ruff wasn't fuming about the hit after the game and that Tom Golisano hasn't written letter to the NHL Front Office about the incident.  We guess that's something to be thankful for today...

25 down, 57 to go.



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