Monday, October 12, 2009

Caps vs. Devils 10-12-2009 Post-Mortem

This will be quick folks because we've got a splitting headache here...
  • Can't really blame this one on penalties.
  • Can't blame this on Jose "Alvin, Simon," Theodore either.
  • Though we're sure somebody, somewhere is either blaming Jeff "Sergeant" Schultz or the fact that Chris Bourque got waived....
  • After tonight's performance, we eagerly await the November 12th game between the Devils and the Penguin Scum. It should be a night that makes Greg Louganis proud with all the diving that will be going on...
  • And if we saw another puck hit off a linesman and bounce in New Jersey's favor, we were going to have to hurt somebody...
  • The losing streak is now four and in three of the four games, the Caps have blown a lead in the third period. Not good.
  • We hate the gimmick.
  • While the game was as low scoring as we thought it would be, we were surprised as to how much open ice there was tonight.
  • It certainly didn't seem like the Caps won 60% of the faceoffs tonight, 30-20.
  • We've got to stop blowing these 5-on-3 Power Plays. Though according to some, 5-on-3's are harder to convert than 5-on-4's...
  • Great point protection hockey in the last 6:26 of the third period.
  • And speaking of point protection, did the Caps really think they were going to kill off that 4-on-4 leading into a short penalty kill in the third period?
  • By far the most thrilling overtime period we've seen in the regular season. This even beats St. Calle Johansson's buzzer beater against the Coyotes in 2000.
  • Did we mention we hate the gimmick?

Finally, we feel as though we should mention (simply because everybody else is piling on the Redskins right now), this losing streak started after A.O., Nicklas Backstrom, Mike "BEAM ME UP" Green, and Bruce Boudreau went to the Redskins-Buccaneers game on October 4th. We think it would be a good idea to keep the Caps as far away from the Redskins as possible in the near future because clearly, the bad karma from the Redskins is rubbing off on the Caps...



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