Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Smorgasbord 3-29

  • In case you were wondering why we call it the Washington (Com)Post, look no further at how the (Com)Post handled the developing situation regarding the UCONS. The Josh Barr's headline casts doubt on the records that Adrian Wojnarowski and Dan Wetze of Yahoo! Sports dug up through the Freedom of Information Act. Furthermore, The Worldwide Leader in Schlock dug up other UCONS tied to Josh Nochimson the day the Yahoo! article appeared. The (Com)Post? Well, let's just say you wouldn't know anything else was going on based on the fact that they've had zero in the way of original reporting since the misconduct first came to light. Maybe the (Com)Post is currently working on a three part story about Jim Calhoun's transgressions or maybe they're leaving it to people like Jeff Jacobs of the Hartford Courant to smash Calhoun. The Hartford Courant did some additional digging uncovering more unflattering information that the (Com)Post has ignored as well. But hey, we guess this isn't as interesting or well sourced as the Maryland-Under Armour story that the (Com)Post ran "when it was complete and ready to go." Wethinks that when Eric Prisbell finally turns his attention to the dirty underbelly of college basketball recruiting, (not related to Maryland) it will be declared "old news," go nowhere, and get spiked.
  • Well, the U.S. Men came out flatter than a pancake last night and were very lucky to escape with a 2-2 tie in El Salvador. What frustrated us wasn't the antics of the Salvadorians who were trying to waste time with their injuries, but that the United States turned it on in the 75th minute and got two goals in 12 minutes to tie the game up. Just where was that level of intensity for the first 75 minutes of the game? We continue to be underwhelmed by Landon Donovan who didn't create anything in the first half and was totally MIA in the second. We're certain that the 2-2 final felt like a loss to both the Salvadorians who blew a two goal lead and to the United States allowed the Salvadorians to score on them for the first time in 12 years. This isn't how you build a case to be given a top seed in the World Cup.
  • Not that we expect anything major to come of it, but the Redskins were awarded an additional draft pick this year as compensation for losing Mark Brunell to the New Orleans Saints last year. That gives Washington 5 picks in the upcoming draft and it will come in the 7th round, 243rd overall. What is more interesting to us is that the NFL is giving serious consideration to lengthening its season. We reserve full comment on the idea until the logistics are worked out but as NFL Season Ticket holders, we will mention that not only are we forced to purchase the preseason games, which will be reduced by the longer regular season, but we have to pay full price for them. So as season ticket holders, the idea is not too objectionable, but we don't want to be going to Regular Season games on Sunday Afternoons in August. One thing we would object to is the proposal to increase the number of teams in he playoffs to reduce the number of "meaningless games" at the end of the season. There's no way you could increase the number of playoff teams without adding weeks to the season which is long enough as is.
  • In an interesting move, the Nats added Dimitri Young to the 40 man roster this week. Why, we don't know. We happen to think that Nick Johnson fills the strong hitting, often-injured first baseman roll quite well thank you very much so we do we really need another one of those? This of course comes after Sean Hill became this year's former starting pitcher unceremoniously released during Spring Training because the organization didn't think he could stay healthy. But hey, Stan Kasten's hand is so weighed down by all those World Series Rings he won down in Atlanta, who are we to question him?
  • We're now down to the last two weeks of the NHL regular season and the playoff picture is starting to get a little clearer. So far only the San Jose Sharks, Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins, New Jersey Devils, and Washington Capitals have officially claimed playoff spots. Calgary is close to claiming one but Philadelphia, Carolina, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Vancouver, and Columbus all look to be sure bets to clinch a spot in the next week and a half. In the East, Montreal and the New York Rangers are in the drivers seat but are one losing streak away from being in real trouble. Florida has the best chance of the Eastern teams on the outside looking in and it could go down to their final game of the season, which is against Washington on Easter Eve. Out West, things are a little too close to call with Nashville, St. Louis, and Edmonton all within three points of each other for the final two spots. The Anaheim Thug Ducks have an outside chance but only one game against a team that they are chasing. Personally, we would love to see Florida make it into the playoffs, giving the much-maligned Southeast Division three playoff teams for the first time, leaving the Northeast with only one. Should St. Louis and Nashville hold on, the entire Central Division will qualify for the playoffs.
  • This week, the Maryland Women look to get back to the Final Four when they face Louisville in Raleigh, NC tomorrow night. The Caps finish out their home schedule with games on Wednesday night against the Islanders, Friday night against the Buffaslugs, and Sunday afternoon against the Atlanta Thrashers.
  • As always, please send all comments, criticisms, corrections, suggestions, questions, and petition drive requests to "capsnut" over at gmail dot com.



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