Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday Smorgasbord 10-5

  • You may have noticed that while we've returned, we haven't been very active. Well, the upheaval is ongoing but seems to be slowing down. Though wee were able to get our pooter replaced which was sorely needed before we could return to blogging. We also said we'd be back around this time and we like to keep our word if at all possible. However we are now working at a new place of employment (and being grossly overpaid) and have been blessed with a 45 hour weekly schedule along with the occasion "on call" weekend. Work comes before play though we have every intention of cobbling together a preview of the upcoming NHL season and the Caps. However, gone for at least this season are our World Famous Game Previews and Wrap Ups. Simply put, we don't believe we would be able to make it into the office on time if we attempted to read and digest for you every article written about the games before we left for work in the morning. Because our employer restricts internet access at the office and some websites take their time in updating their daily articles, we do not believe that we would be able to meet the slipshod standards that you've come to know and love from us. We still intend to do the Post-Mortems as long as we can stay awake after the games. We're sorry to have to make these changes because we know what has made us so useful is our posting of articles from other cities in relation to the games. But we'll try to overcompensate with additional pithy and sarcastic comments in the Post-Mortems.
  • And speaking of Post-Mortems, we thought about doing one on Friday after the Caps-Flyers pre-season game on Friday night and had all kind of pithy comments (well, we won Game 9 but still trail 5-4) and trotting out some oldie but goodies (Power Play already in Mid-Season form) but decided against legitimizing an exhibition game. Same goes for tonight's 5-4 gimmick loss to the Bruins. The good news about the Caps preseason is not the 5-2 record, but that the Caps got through the pre-season without any devastating injuries. Last year, Alexander Semin sprained his ankle and spent over half the season out/trying to get back into form. Nicklas Backstrom torqued his ankle before camp started this year but seems to have recovered, which again is the most important thing.
  • There was a considerable amount of blood everywhere on the Washington Sports Scene this weekend. We'll start with D.C. United losing yet again last night. We reiterate that this season can't end soon enough for United who are just a disaster to watch whenever they take field. What exact changes need to be made, we don't know but it is pretty clear that whatever they're doing isn't working and the constant adding and subtracting of players isn't building any kind continuity.
  • And speaking of soccer, we do admit to being kind of disappointed that the Caps are opening up their home schedule next Saturday night. If the Caps weren't opening up the home schedule this Saturday night, we so would have bought a ticket to the U.S. vs. Cuba World Cup Qualifying match at RFK Stadium this Saturday night. We would have been easy to find not because of our light-up stove pipe hat, but because we would have brought a sign that said "Defectors, Welcome to the USA! Line forms to the right."
  • The other big blood letting this weekend was down in Charlottesville where the Terps laid a 31-0 egg. There's no sugar coating this one and it is probably a good thing that the game was on ESPNU (available only in sportsbars around the country) because we don't know how much we could have stood to watch anyway. Renewed calls for the head of Ralph Friedgen and Chris Cosh from the Terp "faithful" were out before the first half even ended. What is the most troubling for the Terps is not that they don't know what the problem is; it is that they know that they play down to the level of their competition and yet still fell into the trap. Luckily for the Terps, there's only one more truly terrible team on their schedule and they'll play N.C. State at home.
  • And speaking of traps, the Redskins have set up a perfect trap scenario for themselves next week after today's 23-17 win over the Iggles in Philly. We'll talk about next week at the end of this but when the Skins fell behind 14-0 in the first quarter (thanks to a blown call on the punt return) we remembered a game when the Skins went up 21-0 on the Iggles at RFK in the first quarter only to end up losing. So while we weren't too surprised to see the flat start after last week's emotional win, we had a feeling that a comeback was very much possible. What was the most impressive to us was not the second largest margin of victory for the Redskins this season, but that the Redskins got the ball with 7:18 remaining in the fourth quarter and ran the clock out. Yes, they were greatly aided by Clinton Portis' run on 4th and 1 but the fact that the Iggles only had one possession in the fourth quarter which they entered trailing by two scores speaks volumes. The Redskins still haven't had an offensive turnover this year (and only one total) and Jason Campbell set a team record for most pass attempts without an interception. Now with the winless St. Louis Rams coming up next at home and with a new head coach, the Redskins could very easily be trapped now that they have every body's attention with their 4-1 start. That start by the way was the best you could have hoped for with a schedule of three divisional road games in the first five games on the schedule. Only Larry Michaels or a crack addict (same thing really) would have predicted a 5-0 start for the Skins.
  • No, we did not forget to mention that we saw the much balleyhooed Caps Ice Squad on for the first time on Friday night. Mocking these people is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel. Was it us or did the new M.C. seemed to get a darker sun tan between Friday night and tonight? Either way, she needs to lay off the bottle bronze. Furthermore, while it is bad enough we now have a Dance Squad we don't need Slapshot leading them in their lame dance routines. Oh, were the "professional designers" of the outfits Sears and Roebuck?
  • This week, the Caps open up the 2008-2009 season when they travel to Atlanta to face the Thrashers on Friday night at 7:30 pm. The Caps are home on Saturday night when they raise the Southeast Division Champions Banner against the Chicago Blackhawks at 7 pm. D.C. United plays out the string in the CONCACAF Champions Cup with a visit to Deportivo Saprissa on Thursday night before traveling to Houston to play the Dynamo on Sunday night. The Terps are off this week to lick their wounds while the Redskins host the St. Louis Rams at 1 pm.
  • As always folks, please send all comments, criticisms, corrections, questions, suggestions, and offers for discount watches to "capsnut" over at gmail dot com.



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