Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Waiting Is Often the Hardest Part

If you're like us, you're as jumpy as a three year old at Christmas. You keep waiting to hear something and the longer it goes without any word the more and more crazy you get. You logon to the Caps Official Website and continually hit F5 over and over hoping to see something. Yeah, the The Big Ten story and Q & A with Alan May are interesting, but that's not what you're waiting for.

You head on over to Tarik's blog to see if he has anything (some commenters may but you're not sure) Corey disappoints you because he's more interested in talking about other teams. You think this would be right up Dan Steinberg's alley but he just teases you with stories of media hijinks. Mike Vogel has neglected his blog but did write the aforementioned articles that briefly distract you.

On the off chance, you check in with J.P. and while you find some his sidebar stuff interesting, it isn't what you're looking for. You know Ted will post something, but ex post facto. You even hold your nose and check out the On Frozen Morons to see if they have what you're looking for. Hey they're in tight with Ted and they did lead all of North America with the A.O. contract extension news despite not having all their facts correct. (We'd say something like, but they're just as quiet as everybody else, but we can't because we don't know because they banned us)

Your frustration builds because you felt as though you were promised something on September 8th and now it is almost September 10th and you still don't know who the Inaugural Members of the Caps Ice Girls...er...Spirit Squad are. Trust us folks, while the announcement has been held up for some reason, we believe that the grand unveiling will be worth the wait.



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