Tuesday, April 08, 2008

You Wanna Talk Smack?

Years ago we learned the hard way about talking trash about another team before the games were actually played. That's why we tend to keep out mouths shut until after we win and then we become totally insufferable.

But we're always ready to defend this city's honor so after our good friend J.P. had this little item in his rundown this morning, we want to add our two cents in spite of the fact that Dan Steinberg can handle this himself. We could say that we seriously doubt that your typical Philadelphians on the street are discussing the finer points of the neutral zone trap or the effect of eliminating the two line pass on the game instead of who won the fight, who bled the most, and who was "too scared to play last night."

Nope, we'll simply point out that Flyers fans listen to Wham! at home games. That alone disqualifies them from being better fans than anybody else.



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