Saturday, April 12, 2008

Game 1 Caps vs. Flyers 4-11-2008 Wrap Up

The Local Yokels:

(Com)Post: comeback win, two of three return, too loud, LaCantreporta returns. Times: comeback win, playoff nerves, low blow, sixth attacker, bottom up. Examiner Editorial Cartoon (missed this one yesterday).

The Neutral Observers: AP Wire. Series Page. ESPN NHL Playoffs page.

The Other Side:

Philadelphia Daily News: superhero, pimping Dani, Mr. Brightside. Philadelphia Inquirer: pain in the rear, turning on the goaltender, coaching nerves.

Final Thoughts:

If this had been any other game in the series other than Game 1, this would have been a demoralizing loss for the Flyers because they blew a two goal lead in the third period. However, they have plenty of time to recover though their margin of error is rather slim. Furthermore, considering that A.O. admitted to being nervous for most of the game last night, imagine how much harder it will be for Philadelphia to contain him now that's he's settled in and has a playoff game under his belt?

1 down, 3 to go.

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