Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Smorgasbord 2-10

  • Well, in the end the Redskins did end up promoting from within when they named Jim Zorn their new Head Coach. Ok, so he's been the Offensive Coordinator for about two weeks but let's not forget folks, it isn't as if Gregg Williams wasn't given a fair shake. He interviewed for four days. Jim Fassel may have been the favorite of Dan Snyder but the Redskins fans were in near revolt over the idea. The fact that Snyder took that into consideration says something because he doesn't have a hard time selling tickets and won't be having one anytime soon. And while the search for a new Head Coach turned into a clunkier than expected mess ending up with a guy nobody ever heard of, the (Com)Post's Sally Jenkins once again found a way to demonstrate her stupidity which rivals Larry Brooks IMHO. I defy anybody to tell me that Snyder was wrong to fire Norv Turner. Turner's coaching career since leaving Washington has proven that while he's a great offensive coordinator, he's not a good Head Coach. Furthermore, let's not forget that Turner was originally hired by Jack Kent Cooke, not Snyder. Marty Schottenhiemer did great things in San Diego after leaving Washington but still can't win the big one. Steve Spurrier was a failure as a NFL Head Coach and is pushing to get the standards lowered at South Carolina so he can compete with Florida and his legacy there. Joe Gibbs was considered a failure until he lead the team into their second playoff appearance in four years and left town with his legacy intact. But for Jenkins to actually write something intelligent... well... let's just say we always believe in miracles.
  • Later than usual, the 2008 Maryland Football Schedule is out. The Terps drop West-By-God-Virginia for the next two seasons in favor of a home-and-home with Cal who highlight a 7 game home schedule that ends with F$U on November 22nd. Five road games includes another Thursday night in Blacksburg against the Hokey Pokeys on November 6th.
  • Don't look now, but thought for dead (myself included) the Maryland Men's Basketball team is in third place in the ACC and would earn a first round bye if the tournament started today. It doesn't and Maryland still has 7 games before the ACC Tournament begins. Now is crunch time for the Terps as they are more likely to be judged by what they do in these upcoming games and the ACC Tournament that their last seven games. If Maryland can get a clear third place finish and get a win or two in the ACC Tournament, then they should end up in the NCAA tournament. But if Maryland ends up playing on Thursday and can't get past Friday, they'll likely end up in the NIT again.
  • This week is a big week for baseball fans, Pitchers and Catchers report in Viera Florida for their first workout this Saturday. The Caps have another three games in four nights with all three games on the road inside the Southeast Division. They start out on Wednesday night in Atlanta against the Thrashers at 7 pm. They then do the deadly back-to-back in Florida when they visit the Panthers on Friday and then the Ning on Saturday night with both games starting at 7:30 pm. The Terp Men have their return bout with Dook on Wednesday night on the Worldwide Leader in Schlock at 9pm. I suggest earplugs if you bother to watch that game because Dookie Vitale is back to work. The Terps then host F$U in the Cable Box on Saturday afternoon at 3 pm. The Terp women host Boston College on Thursday night and then head down to Dook on Sunday for a nationally televised 5:30 pm game on Fox SportsNet.
  • As always folks, please send all comments, criticisms, corrections, suggestions, questions, and Valentine's Day Date ideas to "capsnut" over at gmail dot com.



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