Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Smorgasbord 4-1

  • Yes, I've been a slacker, this is a hobby, not a full time job or something that will help me with my full time job. That and the news has been kinda slow (at least I think so), so sue me ok?
  • Joe Theismann is out and Ron Jaworski is in on Monday Nights. Most people hate Theismann but I'm not one of them. Theismann was saddled with a declining Mike Patrick and then had to suffer through being paired with Paul Maguire and then Tony Kornheiser in a three-man booth for too long. Like him or not, Theismann knows what he is talking about and when he is paired with some clown who doesn't, he suffers big time. Secondly, while Mike Tirico is an upgrade over Mike Patrick (from God-awful to simply awful) in play-by-play, he was dragged down by that as well. People forget that Theismann has been doing TV since his playing days, he didn't turn into this bad announcer overnight. Personally, I think if you put him in the Sunday Night Booth with two pros like Al Michaels and John Madden you'd be very surprised as to how well he would do. That being said, I feel sorry for Ron Jaworski for having to team up with Tirico and Kornhball. It shows that ESPN has their priorities very bass ackwords.
  • Interesting isn't how we aren't hearing very much about the Pokey Chatman controversy at LSU? Of course Women's Basketball isn't nearly as glamorous as the Men's game is, but considering the run that LSU put together after her resignation (which was apparently due to a "sexual relationship" with a former player) has only served to sweep it further under the rug. Normally the silence and disappearance of Chatman would be deafeningly loud but again the silence is odd for many different reasons.
  • From the "I want to play too!" file; Here are my Ball Wonk Prediction Answers: Nationals Record: 60-101 (upholding the fine tradition of baseball in Washington). NL East Position and Games Back: 5th, 35. Date on which Nick Johnson first appears in a Nationals Game: June 22nd. Date on which Nick Johnson suffers a season ending injury: June 23rd. Nationals Team Leader in Pitching Starts and Number of Starts: Matt Chico, 27. Total number of starting pitchers used: 12 Number of ejections for Manny Acta: 1 Guzman's batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging average: .215, .325, .275. Nationals Home Runs at RFK: 50. Paid attendance for the July 21st Fox Game at RFK: 21,454.
  • And speaking of the Nationals, they open up this week at home with a three game set against the Florida Marlins. Tomorrow's Opening Day Game along with Wednesday's game is a 1 pm start with Tuesday night's game starting at 7 pm. The Nats then host the Arizona Diamondbacks at RFK over Easter weekend with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday's games starting at 7 pm. On Easter Sunday, the Nats play their first 1:30 pm Sunday Home game. The Caps are put out their misery this week with their last three losses games. They host the Florida Panthers on Tuesday night before heading down to Atlanta on Wednesday night. Both games are at 7pm. The Buffaslugs and their drunken bandwagon fans are in town on Saturday afternoon at the Phone Booth in the Annual Jaroslav "Yogi" Svejkovsky game at 1 pm.
  • And seeing as how the (Com)Post's Tarik El Bashir is clearly onto my Contest (which is still going on in spite of Tarik's non-cooperation), send your pick for this year's "Yogi" Svejkovsky award (which is the Caps rookie who has a career game against the Buffaslugs in the last game of season) along with all comments, questions, criticisms, suggestions, corrections, and chicken little stories to "capsnut" over at gmail dot com.



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