Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Winds Are Starting To Blow

Caps trade a 4th round pick.

I now join the rest of the Caps fans when I say:


UPDATE: Tarik helps out and while it still works,'s scouting report. I don't know if this means that an injured defenseman is worse off than we originally thought. John Erskine Bowles and Bryan Muir have been out for awhile. While Brian Pothier has been added to that list indefinitely, this looks to be more of a statement on Lawrence Nycholat and/or Jeff "Seargant" Schultz. Besides, with Jurcina turning 24 in June and being an RFA this coming offseason, this could really seal the fate of Bryan Muir, especially if he fulfills his potential of being a top four defenseman.



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