Monday, February 12, 2007

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Per Tarik at the (Com)Post, Olie Kolzig is injured.

Now a word of caution here. While I don't deny what Tarik saw with his own two eyes, the Caps have two more days off before their next game. Kolzig could not miss any games, at this point we just don't know.

Then there is what us Maryland Terrapin fans call the "Heather Dinich syndrome." That is when a reporter continually provides reports on something that, because they have little knowledge of what is really going on, the team would really prefer that they didn't report on. (On a side note, last week when announcing his recruiting class for 2007, Ralph Friedgen was asked if Spring Practice would be open and Ralph replied "until Heather closes it.")

I only mention this because the Caps have been squirrelly for years about injuries and I seriously doubt that they want Tarik (or anybody else for that matter) to not only publicly disclose injuries but to offer their opinion on how long a player is going to be on the shelf before the team even makes an announcement themselves about the injury.

UPDATE: Turns out Tarik was only partially right...

The Venerable Off Wing Opinion gets straight from the Caps P.R. department that Kolzig is down for three weeks with a knee injury.



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