Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Annoy The Media, Vote Republican!

Yeah, I know I said that I would keep politics off of this blog unless the circumstances warrant, but now I feel that the circumstances warrant.

The title of this post says it all, but more specifically, if you really want to annoy the Washington (Com)Post and you live in the Fascist Commonwealth of Virginia, vote for George Allen.

In all of the elections I've followed I have never seen an election as absurd as this one. It is disgusting how the media has injected themselves into this race on the side of one party in such blatant fashion. But what the (Com)Post has done to George Allen is a disgrace. From inventing racial slurs (sorry folks, the word in question is spelled macaque not macaca) to relaying fictional stories and adding connotations to them that have a meaning that just doesn't make sense (leaving a deer's head in a mailbox is a racial attack? Since when?)

But what makes me laugh is the fact that the forces opposing Allen are backing what amounts to an empty suit. How else would you describe a candidate who's most fervent backers describe as somebody they need to "educate" and "who will learn"? How many of you Liberals out there getting ready to vote for Webb (or already did) know that he is what is now being known as a "Buchanan Democrat"? That's Buchanan as in Pat Buchanan folks. Congratulations. You're making (or already made) a deal with devil to win. That has cost you your soul.

But the final and real reason to vote Republican is very, very simple. Democrats talk about our lost stature in the world and nothing will cost us more stature in the world than a "phased redeployment" (better described as "cut and run") from Iraq. Osama Bin Laden has plainly stated that he expects to win this war simply because America will not have the stomach to see the fight through. Well, running out of Iraq now will prove that to be true (once again) and not only will our enemies be emboldened but who in their right mind among our allies will ever stand with us again?

Think about that.

I'm Caps Nut, and I approve this message... Because I believe we need to stay strong and do what we need to do to win this war. Running away from the fight won't get the job done.

This posting is not approved or funding provided by any candidate, party, PAC, candidate's party, or group but should be.


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