Monday, August 07, 2006

What Did I Tell You?

I'll look for a more reputable source later but no Malkin in the NHL this year. If you're good with Russian, you can go here for the straight scoop. I find it interesting that Metallurg was willing to knock a year off of the deal. This is starting to have shades of the Alexander Semin saga. The one drawback for the Rooskies not signing onto the IIHF transfer agreement is that once their contracts run out, they can lose their players to the NHL for nothing. Apparently now Mettalurg has decided to give Malkin one year back. That just doesn't add up to me.

As I said, I'll post a more reputable source if and when I ever see it.

UPDATE: seems to be just as confused as the rest of us right now.

ESPN links a Reuters report that has more confidence but is even more confusing, stating that Malkin had signed with the Penguins but had a change of heart. This is becoming more bizarre than the Semin saga ever was....


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