Sunday, August 06, 2006

You Tagging Me???

JP asked, so you get to know...

  1. I actually spent a year after High School at Prince Georges' Community College (aka, Largo Senior High) before transferring to the University of Maryland. It was a total and complete waste of time. I had a 3.0 GPA there without even putting forth the effort I put forth to get through my senior year of high school. One of my professors even called me out on my lack of effort (and yet, I still got a B from him). I ended up there simply because the two colleges I did get into La Salle and then Western Maryland College didn't offer enough financial aid and scholarships for me to go there. My parents, wisely, were not willing to let me take on the debt of student loans to attend those schools and I ended up at P.G.
  2. I did not attend either my Junior or Senior Proms. I remember the classmate of mine whom upon learning that I was not planning on attending the Senior Prom asked me "How will you live with yourself"? Well, over 12 years later, very well thankyouverymuch. While I do have some regrets in my life, that isn't even close to being one of them. My friend even tried to set me up with a date for the Prom about two days beforehand with another friend of ours that he and some of his other friends wanted there. I turned the offer down because of the lateness of the whole thing and because it was more about getting that particular girl there than it was about getting me there. It also didn't help that she wasn't to high on the potential arrangement either.
  3. I have an uncanny knack for ill-timed comments. For instance, 7 years ago now I was still working at my job on campus even though I had graduated. A couple at my job was getting married and so we threw a party for them. I admit to not knowing either one of them that well, but when the card came around I signed it "Congratulations on your wedding. I hope your first child is a masculine child" quoting of course Luca Brasi from the greatest movie of all-time, The Godfather. Well, of course during the party the whispering campaign started and after the party the General Mangler came up to me absolutely exasperated and asked me why I wrote what I did. I just as exasperatedly told her it Luca Brasi from "The Godfather." She told me never watched that movie and gave up on me. It took about another hour and half before it hit me and I asked a friend of mine "[She's] (the bride to-be) pregnant isn't she"? Luckily the couple knew that I didn't know about their situation beforehand and wasn't as offended as the GM was.
  4. My older sister calls me "Forrest Gump" because I have my had my picture taken with Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich (3 times), Maryland Basketball Head Coach Gary Williams (2 times), Maryland Football Head Coach Ralph Friedgen, Boston College Basketball Head Coach Al Skinner, Penn & Teller, Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Ted Nugent, Ted Leonsis (who's eyes were closed), Joe Beninati, Craig Laughlin, and most recently Miss America 2006 Jennifer Berry. I'm sure that there are others I am forgetting about right now, but I've also snuck into the Official Senate Photos for the 106th, 107th, and 108th Congresses (I didn't sneak into the picture this year for the 109th Congress because the habit has become too expensive.) I've also been on TV numerous times being interviewed and in the background (most recently the Nats/Yankees game on Father's Day earlier this year). I also had a letter read by David Letterman on the CBS Mailbag to which this day, I've heard about but have never actually seen myself.
  5. I got a passport in 2001 in only three days and I didn't pay for the expedited service. I got the passport that quickly because of my job on Capitol Hill. But so far the only stamp in that passport is from Canada, which I don't think counts. I was actually annoyed that the Customs agent in Calgary stamped my passport in 2003 when I went through there.

Ok, I've fulfilled my commitment. I hereby tag Ted Leonsis and Raking Leafs because everybody else I was going to tag has already been tagged.


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