Friday, April 02, 2010

Caps vs. Thrashers 4-1-2010 Wrap Up

Caps "Magic Numbers" (Caps Points Earned+Lost by team named) to clinch:
Playoff Spot: Clinched 3/11
Southeast Division Championship: Clinched 3/11
Eastern Conference #1 Seed: Clinched 3/28
President's Trophy: 3 San Jose (27 of 29 eliminated)

The Local Yokels:


The Neutral Observers:

NHL.comAP Wire.

The Other Side:

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: blown chance, notes.

Final Thoughts:

When we got into the car after Mass last night, Steve Kolbe was excitedly telling us that if the Caps held on and won, they would be one point away from clinching the President's Trophy which we knew was completely wrong.  The Sharks can currently finish with 114 points on the season, two more than we have after last night's win.  However, because of all the Bettman points we've been racking up, the Sharks have the first tie-breaker over us, which is wins, thus necessitating the need for an extra point putting the magic number for the President's trophy at three.  San Jose is in Minnesota tonight and any loss there by the Sharks would put the Caps in position to win the President's Trophy on Saturday night in Columbus.

77 down, 5 to go.



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