Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guess The Suspension!

Well folks, every so often we need to get some sort of confirmation on just how few people read our little bit of cyberspace. So we decided to put our heads together and came up with a great idea just how to find out.

Run a contest!

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re wading back into the contest pool and this time our evil minds have come up with what thinks is a splendid idea for a contest.

Guess Captain A.O.’s Next Suspension, Playoff Edition!

When Captain A.O. returns from his latest suspension on Saturday night, there will be 11 games left in the regular season, two maybe four of them with any real meaning in them. So it will be relatively easy for Captain A.O. to keep his powder dry for those games, unless of course Matt Cooke decides to blindside Nicklas Backstrom.

But once the Playoffs start, the intensity cranks up to 12 and all bets are off.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs start on April 14th, 2010 but because of Phone Booth booking issues, the Caps won’t start until the 15th. But just in case between now and 11:59 pm Eastern Time on April 13th, 2010 e-mail us at our usual address- capsnut over at gmail dot com- and tell us which game you think Captain A.O. will once again goon things up, commit a suspendable offense, and how many games his egregious act will cost him. For tiebreaking purposes, name the player whose career that Captain A.O. nearly ends with his wanton, reckless, and dangerous thuggery.

So for instance, if we had done a similar thing last year with Donald Brashear, the winning entry would have been First Round, Game 6, 5 Games, Blair Betts.

And as for clarification purposes, this suspension contest is for on-ice, in-game actions only. Something like Brashear’s one game suspension for pre-game activities in Game 6 last year will not count. Nor would a bench incident like Captain A.O. going John Tortorella and hosing down some fans count either. Furthermore, Captain A.O. does not have to be assed any penalty on the play in question during the course of the game. Only supplemental discipline counts for the purposes of this contest and yes, automatic suspensions such as instigators in the last five minutes of a game will count provided of course that the suspension is not overturned by the NHL Front Office. (Stop laughing…)

So to win, you must have the round, the game, and the length of suspension correct. The player fouled by Captain A.O. is the first tiebreaker. If there is still a tie then the earliest entry will be declared the winner.

The winner will get to write, within certain guidelines because we are a family blog after all, the Official Bleatings From a Caps Nut response to the suspension handed down by the NHL Front Office and their selection of a coffee mug from shop.NHL.com!

So once again Ladies and Gentlemen; get those entries in, and you may enter as often as you wish between now and 11:59 pm Eastern Time on April 13th, 2010 at capsnut over at gmail dot com. Good Luck!



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