Thursday, February 04, 2010

Epic Bummer Brewing?

Well folks, the National Weather Service has already issued a Winter Storm Watch for the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area starting Friday morning and running through Saturday evening.  The NWS is saying that this storm could be like the one we got almost two months ago that dropped around 20 inches in the area.

And as we all know there is a rather highly anticipated hockey game in this area starting at High Noon on Sunday.  Now, by all accounts, the storm is supposed to be gone by Sunday morning.  However, there might be a little problem starting the hockey game on time.

We had a little extra time this morning and we decided to check out the NHL schedule for the rest of this week and saw that the Pittsburgh Penguin scum are scheduled to play the Canadiens in Montreal on Saturday in a game that starts at 2 pm.  That game will be over around 4:30- 5:00 pm and therein lies the problem.

What are you talking about???

During that December 19th snow storm, all three D.C. Metropolitan area airports, DCA, IAD, and BWI closed for extended lengths of time because they couldn't keep their runways cleared.  As a matter of fact, the Chicago Bears had all kinds of trouble getting into BWI for their game with the Ratbirds in Bhawlmuher on the 20th.  If the airports close down again, the Penguin Scum won't be able to get into town and if the Penguin Scum can't get into D.C., the Caps can't play them.

Conversely, the Caps opponent on Friday (when all this fun is supposed to start) is Atlanta.  Atlanta may not be able to leave D.C. after the game on Friday to go home and face the Florida Panthers on Saturday night.

Now the NFL went ahead and moved the Ratbirds-Bears game to a 4 pm start instead of its original 1 pm kickoff to allow the Ratbirds enough time to clear their stadium of snow.  However, the NFL has this little shindig on Sunday called Super Bowl XLIV.  The NHL might move the Caps-Penguin Scum faceoff back from High Noon, but not by three hours because we doubt that the Nothing But Cindy Network would go along with that move.  And if the NHL does move Sunday's start time back, how close is the NHL willing to get in the Super Bowl's shadow?

Stay tuned folks, this could get interesting...

UPDATE:  Upon further review of the Verizon Center and Peguin Scum Schedules, we could end up seeing Sunday's game postponed until Monday night.


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