Friday, February 12, 2010

Caps @ Senators 2-11-2010 Wrap Up

Caps "Magic Numbers" (Caps Points Earned+Lost by team named) to clinch:
Playoff Spot: 18 Atlanta

Southeast Division Championship: 20 Tampa Bay
Eastern Conference #1 Seed: 32 New Jersey
President's Trophy: 42 San Jose

The Local Yokels:


The Neutral Observers:

NHL.comAP Wire.

The Other Side:

Ottawa Citizen.  Ottawa Sun: beat 'em at their own game, skill competition, notes.

Final Thoughts:

Oh and note to CSN, can we please cut this nonsense out about the 1993 Pittsburgh Penguin Scum winning the Stanley Cup after posting 17 wins in a row that season?  We think the Montreal Canadiens might have a problem with that and if you don't believe us, give Mullet Melrose at ESPNguin a call.  He'll set the record straight.

61 down, 21 to go.



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