Sunday, June 28, 2009

Could Somebody Please Explain This To Us?

Seriously folks, we're really befuddled. We'd like to know why fans use as a shining example of what they want their franchise to be a franchise that hasn’t won a title in 35 years now, hasn’t played for the title in 12 years, and is two years removed from the by far the worst season in franchise history? And remember folks, that is WITH Gary Bettman's point inflation scheme in full force.

Hades folks, we've been to a more recent Stanley Cup Final than the Philadelphia Flyers have. How in the world can you point to them as an example of a franchise we should model ourselves after? What in the world are you smoking when you make the claim "the Flyers do what they have to do in order to contend every year"?

Emulate Detroit? Ok, 4 Cups in 11 years is something to admire. New Jersey? Eh, 3 Cups in 9 nine years though only because that franchise was able to get away with being a one-man-band with the right system played in front of him. (Though we do admit that could be the recipe for success in the Salary Capped NHL).

But Philly? We've already run down their less than stellar history. The Rangers? One Cup in 68 years speaks for itself. Pittsburgh? Look folks, that was a total and complete fix done to further the NHL's Marketing Plan. If Game 3 of our series wasn't obvious enough that the fix was in (six Penguin Scum Power Plays to two for the Caps), Game 3 of the Finals should have been when the Penguin Scum had too many men on the ice for 21 seconds and not only was it not called, the NHL refused to publicly comment on the clearly blown call by their officiating crew. Referees Paul Devorski (why aren't we surprised that this guy is at the center of another highly publicized blown call?) and Dennis LaRue along with linesmen Derek Amell, and Pierre Raciot should have been pulled from the Finals immediately after Game 3. But not only were they not pulled, they worked Game 5 as a unit and Devorski and Raciot were tapped for the deciding Game 7 where former Penguin Scum employee Pierre McGuire forgot to add to the end of his infamous line (after yet another blown call in the Penguin Scum's favor) "that's a penalty in the regular season and first three rounds of the playoffs" "and games that the Pittsburgh Penguin Scum desperately need to win."

Sorry folks, but we digress...

Seriously, we want to know why you think the Flyers are a franchise worth emulating? E-mail us at "capsnut" over at gmail dot com because we thought you all wanted to win a Stanley Cup?



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