Saturday, May 09, 2009

Game 5 Caps vs. Penguin Scum 5-9-2009 Post-Mortem

Well folks, here are once again.

Just like last year against the Flyers.

Just like 2003 against the Ning.

Just like countless number of times against the Penguin Scum.

We're left to sit here and wonder just how in the world the Caps keep getting the screws put to them in overtime in the playoffs.

Don't act like you're surprised either.

Don't act like you've never seen this before.

Sure, General Manager George McPhee launched into the officials before Game 4 but look at what it got us.

Ok, the Power Plays were 2 for each side tonight but one of the penalties on the Penguin Scum was automatic (the too many men on the ice call) and darn near not called either.

The deciding penalty call came after a no-call at one end.

That Power Play then featured another no-call that lead to the final rush.

We seriously doubt Ted is going to speak up.

Maybe he'll post a video again but the words will never actually leave his lips in public.

On the record for all to see.

You want to tell us this is on the level?

Just like that interference call on Ken Klee in Game 2 of the Penguin Scum series in 2000?

Or the roughing and then elbowing calls on Jaromir Jagr and Ken Klee in Game 3 of the Ning series in 2003?

Just like Game 7 against the Flyers last year, 60 minutes of "let 'em play" hockey and then whistles start to go in overtime.

On just one team though.

We abandoned all hope when we saw Bill McCreary was assigned to this game.

We knew a fair shake wasn't coming our way.

You want another kick in the pants?

It wasn't Milan Jurcina's stick that got the skates.

It was Sergei (#3) Fedorov's.

Which means, the officials somehow didn't see the play.

They made a call they did not see.

That's inexcusable.

We were informed shortly after the game began tonight by our parents, who are spending their retirement (among other things) in Las Vegas, that after crowning the Caps as favorites in Games 1 through 4, there was no line set for tonight's game.

In other words, Las Vegas knew the fix was in and wasn't taking any bets.

Just like Professional Wrestling matches.

Just like this past Super Bowl.

Only Vegas didn't have enough time to sniff that one out.

We did on the opening drive.

But back to the NHL, it's over folks.

If the NHL has any decency and mercy, they'll have it end on Monday night in Pittsburgh.

We have no desire to go see another Game 7.

That's cruel and unusual punishment.

We don't know how we're going to proceed from here.

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