Friday, October 19, 2007

Caps vs. Islanders 10-18-2007 Wrap Up

My computer at home refused to cooperate last night (Norton told me this morning it found a virus which was odd and didn't seem to fix what the computer was trying to do last night instead of cooperating with me) which is why there was no Post-Mortem.

The Local Yokels:

(Com)Post. Times: Powerless, Caps report.

The Neutral Observers: AP Wire.

The Other Side:

Newsday: Guerin hat trick, notes.

Final Thoughts:

Here's a quick rundown of what I was going to post last night. Joseph Motzko Ball on the point on the Power Play makes me long for the return of Alexander Semin on the point (and that is NOT a good thing). Olie Kolzig really let the team down with his play in the third period. Just like Saturday night, the Caps tried to mount a comeback in third but the goaltending couldn't give them the big save that they needed to sustain it. A.O. extended his point streak to 6 and has goals in the last three games. He's now 5 points behind Dino Ciccarelli for 28th on the Caps all time scoring list. Dino had 209 points in 223 games. I'm glad to see Glen Hanlon say they're going to be working on the Power Play because the only time the Power Play looks dangerous is when Mike "BEAM ME UP" Green takes it upon himself and tries to beat everybody by himself. However, Hanlon and his staff better figure out how to beat a high pressure forecheck quickly because while the Islanders aren't as fast or as talented as the Buffaslugs, they were able to frustrate our breakout all night. I'd be shocked if other teams sit back in the neutral zone and let us come out with speed and under control. Though it took the Islanders some time to establish that forecheck because the Caps got off to a great start; it only lacked a goal or two but that sometimes happens. Finally I wasn't so upset with what the Refs were calling on the Caps as much as I was upset about what they let the Islanders get away with. The first Islanders goal was started when Green lost the puck after being tripped up. If the refs are going to call a tight game, they need to call it tight on both teams.

But hey, at least we outshot the Islanders...

6 down, 76 to go.



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