Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Maybe This Will Make Him Happy

As announced yesterday, Dave Fay will be honored by the Hockey Hall of Fame. Dave of course has been a curmudgeon for awhile and his sunny and cheery disposition as been pointed out here time and time again. But in spite of all of that it is a great honor for the man and he deserves it so I add my voice to the chorus of Congratulations coming into the cancer survivor.

One story I would like to relay is one story that Dave Fay put in the Hockey News' "Lighter Side" magazine that they sent out to subscribers who dropped during the lockout (which I did and no I haven't come back). Dave was recounting his experience after Game 5 of the 1986 Stanley Cup Finals. The Montreal Canadiens had defeated the Calgary Flames in 5 games and after spending the rest of the night "celebrating the end of the hockey season." Dave along with a number of other east-coast based writers headed to the airport to catch the first flight out of Calgary to head back east.

Dave said he went into the restroom to "freshen up" and as he was washing his face he saw a woman come out from one of the stalls. Dave said something to the woman about being in the men's room and according to Dave she was unfazed by him as she adjusted her clothing in the mirror and said to Dave "Do you see any urinals in here?"

So the next time you run into Dave Fay and Congratulate him on his induction, ask him if he ever found any urinals...


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